Every year, thousands of professionals around the world complete the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey, to determine health and fitness trends for the following year. ACSM’s predictions have become a benchmark for the health & fitness industry, to differentiate trends to come, versus fads that aren’t here to stay. Here are Onfit Training College, we’ve curated our most notable inclusions for this year’s results, so if you’re an aspiring or current health & fitness professional, keep reading to find out our take on what’s to come for 2020.

Wearable Technology

Coming in at number one , wearable tech includes fitness trackers, smart watches, HR monitors, and GPS tracking devices. Having easily accessible, personalised data empowers consumers/clients and health & fitness professionals alike, and with improvements on accuracy, it’s no wonder it’s kept it’s #1 spot again for 2020.

Social, Fast & Efficient Training

Trend 2 – High intensity interval training (HIIT) & Trend 3 – Group Training both focus on highly effective training methods, with several chains combining HIIT & Group Exercise in one, to boost the motivating power – these trends have the staying power to stick around!

Personal Training

Having been in the top 10 trends since 2006, Personal Training is a consistent top trend, but has jumped up this year, with the rise in online Personal Training services.Why is Personal training such a strong contender? The focus a Personal Trainer can give in providing workouts specific to clients’ individual needs and goals is hard to match, especially with fitness & goal setting tools to help show progress and keep clients motivated – yielding great results for clients long-term.

Health & Wellness Coaching

A new trend to make it into the top 10 is Health and Wellness Coaching. This growing trend “integrates behavioral science into health promotion and lifestyle medicine programs”. Why does this trend continue to grow? We think it’s closely related to the holistic nature of a wellness coach, that focuses on clients “values, needs, vision, and short- and long-term goals”.

Training with Free Weights

This trend debuts at no. 4 and includes training with free weights, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Specifically, this trend doesn’t relate to the inclusion of free weights in other classes, but relates to specialist classes, where “ Instructors start by teaching proper form for each exercise and then progressively increase the resistance once the correct form is accomplished”. The focus on form and movement are key in ensuring the quality of training & results. Why do we love Free Weights? They’re easily accessible, and give a great range of variety in exercising using the same equipment.


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